Based in the heart of the Chicago neighborhood of Wicker Park, Mas restaurant is a unique restaurant that captures the spirit of Latin culture in a modern environment. Mas restaurant specializes in Nuevo Latino cuisine, but it's unlike any other out there as executive chef John Manion adds his unique style to it -- creating a fresh new version and making it his own. The restaurant is filled with authentic flavors that mirror the colorful image of the Latin landscape. Apart from out of this world Latino cuisine, they provide more vibe, more spirit, more soul.

Mas first opened to the public in the state of Chicago in December of '98. For the people behind the restaurant, it was truly a dream come true. Hubie Greenwald, co-owner of the restaurant, had a number of trips to Mexico and South America and fell in love with the places, lifestyle, and most especially the culture. John Manion, on the other hand, actually spent his childhood in South America living with his family. Together, they often talked about how much they loved the Latino culture, lifestyle and cuisines, as well as the people and the importance they put on spending time with their family and friends, and their passion for life. Mas restaurant, in many ways, is a celebration of all these. And if people want to have a taste of that experience, they should try Mas!

The mouthwatering menu features the following dishes: tinga de pollo, jamon, ensalada, empanada, tacos, arepa, conejo, costillas, remolacha, ceviche del dia, sopa de machos, pescado, trucha, churrasco atun, legumbre, pato, lombo, venado, carne, and many more.

Disclaimer: This is not the official site of Mas restaurant. This is only a fan page.